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The Biiby Breastfeeding Bib

"No More Wet Nursing Bras"

As the first-ever breastfeeding bib, Biiby was designed to stop one of the most common breastfeeding problems– leaked breast milk! Biiby’s one-of-a-kind, multifunctional design quickly tucks into any nursing bra, guaranteed to keep both mom and baby dry. Biiby is made up of super absorbent, organic cotton and bamboo fleece, which is perfect for all babies, even those with sensitive skin.

Biiby was invented to make breastfeeding better and is a must have for all nursing moms!

“Loved the Biiby Bib the moment I saw it!  Anyone who’s nursed a baby knows that it can sometimes be a little messy, especially as your milk first lets down. Designed by a breastfeeding mama (of course), the Biiby is one of those essential products for breastfeeding moms.  Great for nursing, pumping and and also be used right on your baby.  The fabric is so soft and absorbent! It will keep you and your nursing bras clean and dry.  You will love it!”
~Shari Criso  MSN, RN, CNM, IBCLC

How to use a Biiby!

Biiby Breastfeeding Bib

Enjoy a super soft Biiby and stop stuffing wet burp cloths into your nursing bra all day while you’re feeding your baby. They just deserve better! Every Biiby is super-soft, absorbent, moisture wicking and eco-friendly. Each Biiby is comprised of three layers of bamboo fleece and organic cotton terry fabrics. If you’re a Super Mom that pumps on the go then make Biiby part of your breastfeeding pump kit and use it all day long with confidence. It’s guaranteed to keep your nursing bra and clothes dry.

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