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Based on the fact that parents change between 6,000 and 9.000 diapers before their child is potty trained, we found a simpler way to dispose of them. Step. Drop. Done.™ Dékor Diaper Pails are 100% Hands-Free. 


No other diaper disposal system is as easy or hygienic to use. Dekor™ Hands-Free Diaper Pails are designed to make this sometimes unpleasant chore as easy as possible for parents. The pails work with continuous liners, designed to protect against odors AND save you money.

Dékor™ Plus

With the Dékor™ diaper disposal system there is No Bending, No Twisting, No Squishing. It is made from ABS plastic, that does not absorb odors. All pails also have the Odor Keeper Trap Door and additional seals.

The Dékor™ Plus is the best seller. It holds up to around 60 newborn diapers. It has the largest opening, so it is perfect for cloth diapers with the addition of our Cloth Diaper Liner, which can be thrown right into the washing machine.

The Plus comes in White, Gray, Mint, Pink and Blue.

Dékor™ Classic

The Dékor™ Classic holds up to 45 newborn diapers. As with the Plus size it is easy to operate. Just STEP on the foot pedal, DROP the soiled diaper through the trap door and you are DONE.

The Classic comes in White and Gray.

Dékor™ Mini

The Dékor™ Mini is the compact size.It is perfect for a second changing area or for smaller spaces. With a bigger pail in the nursery, the Mini is perfect for the bathroom or for the grandparents’ or babysitter’s house.

The Mini holds up to around 25 newborn diapers and comes in White.