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Laally makes simple products that empower, enable and educate parents. Our key product is the Bridge, the first, easy-to-use breastfeeding assistance system designed to help parents succeed at breastfeeding.

“As a Lactation Consultant and someone who works with thousands of breastfeeding moms, I know the need for this product.  The ease, convenience and simplicity of being able to maintain direct contact at the breast, even if supplementation is needed, makes the Laally Bridge an invaluable tool for nursing moms and consultants.”

~Shari Criso  MSN, RN, CNM, IBCLC

The Bridge™

The Bridge™ kit is the first easy-to-use, breastfeeding assistance system that helps babies latch to the breast and helps promote milk production.

Features & Benefits
Helps promote milk production
Provide extra stimulation from your baby
Helps with the latch
Easy to use & clean
Super thin medical grade silicone for improved sensation
Precise fluid control