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Lascal® m1™ Carrier - For forward thinking families

Lascal is a design-led company with a small but distinctive range of products for families with small children. Our philosophy is to develop and manufacture high quality products that fulfill a real demand, and contribute to the safety of children in their environment. Products include the BuggyBoard stroller board, the KiddyGuard baby gate and the latest addition, the Lascal m1 Carrier now available.
To market our products, we have a well-established network of distributors. Each distributor is an independent company with a similar commitment to quality and customer service as our own.

Lascal® m1™ Carrier

Brand new to the North American market, the Lascal m1 Carrier keeps your baby close and comfortable. Fully ergonomic design makes traveling with baby easy. The unique M-Seat™ promotes the perfect “M” seating position, recommended by pediatricians and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for healthy hip development. Carrier may be used with baby facing inwards, forwards or on the back. 

From 8 lbs. to 33 lbs.