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Every business has different needs

We know that every business is different with different needs.
That is why we offer different levels of brand sponsorship/partnership as well as the
ability to create a customized plan and partnership that meets the needs of your business
as well as your budget.

As an award-winning educator and author, Shari reaches thousands of new and expecting parents every day through her online education membership site, various social media channels and her various relationships with national brands who support new parents to receive her education.

Shari has diverse and extensive experience and expertise in the medical field, institutional sales, retail sales, purchasing, marketing and digital marketing, web design, manufacturing, corporate consulting, education, speaking, digital content creation, communication (emails and messenger bots) and social media engagement.

Partners will benefit from Shari’s 25 years of experience working with thousands of new parents in every capacity as well as her own business experience in retail, sales, marketing, digital content creation, manufacturing, wholesale accounts and distribution and more!

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