I am 8 1/2 months pregnant. With my first baby I didn’t take any breastfeeding classes and I ended up with sore and cracked nipples, I didn’t know it was a science to breastfeed. I learned sooo much with your classes that now I feel confident and determined I am going to do it right from the first time. Thank you so much for your advice!!! Loved it!

By Erika F

I learned that with my first child, everything was working correctly and coming in right and in appropriate amounts, however, I was encouraged to supplement thus having to pump because my son LOVED the bottle once it was given to him. Pumping was really tough on my breasts trying to do it round the clock. I eventually gave up because formula became too convenient. I plan on sticking with it this time and not supplementing unless medically necessary. Very helpful!!

By Lindsay D

I am an Registered Nurse, but was not taught most of this stuff, so I found myself learning tons with this class. Mostly about how to start and the tips to have the best experience really helped.

By Alyssa P

I learned how to successfully and painlessly get my baby to latch through proper positioning of not only my baby but of myself. Thank you Shari!

By Renee H

As a soon to be first time mom, I found the video to be reassuring and comforting. I’m looking forward to that special bond with my baby. Thank you!

By Amanda W

My child isn’t born yet and I have breastfeed before but it was not a good experience since this my last child I would like to do this exclusively.

By Jackee G

I learned the most important part to begin breastfeeding. This video is very helpful especially to new moms like me.

By Lorraine B

I knew nothing about breastfeeding before watching. I bottled my first two and feel confident I can breastfeed my third.

By Sady M

I started watching the classes after I started breastfeeding and wish I would have started a lot sooner! i learned how to not get sore nipples, how to get a proper latch and even how to know if my baby was getting enough to eat. I am so thankful for Shari’s video classes!!

By Cassie W

I wish your class was mandatory for all healthcare providers!

By Brittany L

This class is wonderful, and I appreciate so much that I will be able to return to it as much as I need over the next few weeks. I have learned so much. My baby is actually 5 weeks old, and I have been struggling to breastfeed the entire time. Everyone and everything I looked up kept talking about proper positioning and latch, but there is so little complete and helpful information available about what this actually means. I am looking forward to implementing these new techniques and have great hope that they will improve breastfeeding for me and my baby and eliminate the problems we have been having.

By Christine C

I felt your class offered the most information with great explanations as to each tip/concept discussed. I really appreciated all of the information and feel much more prepared then I did prior to watching your videos.

By Kimberly R

I learned a lot I knew zero to nothing about breastfeeding. This video was great, I wish I had viewed it before I had my daughter. After watching this video a lot of things started to make sense. I started to think differently and know that I was doing the right thing and that all the changes and things that were happening were normal.

By Margarita T

After trying and failing to breastfeed 2 children I am pregnant with my 3rd. A lack of access to experienced help, education and support led to the demise of breastfeeding for both of my children. Add to that I was young and it was a recipe for disaster. This time I am surrounded by family, some of whom breastfed 12-18 whole months, and the gift of your class. So many things you said I had no idea (I’m 30 with 2 kids and I’d never heard the bit about the stomachs) so hear while the hospital staff was insisting I was doing it wrong I was doing just fine. Here when I thought my baby at 18 hours old was starving she just wanted to be loved and I couldn’t do it because I was so stressed out that I was failing. I wish I’d had this class 12 years ago. Or 4 years ago. But I’m sure glad that I have it today. And I intend to watch it as many times as I can before I run out of time. You covered so many things I didn’t know and showed the things I did better than I’ve ever seen. Thank you is all I have. Just thank you.

By Monica B

Everything was SOO helpful! I will definitely pass this information to my other friends! Thank you!!! So helpful!!!

By Bris O

Learned not to be so nervous about the whole thing, and that my baby is definitely eating enough.

By Jennifer D

I learned so many new things from your wonderful educational videos
By Madeline G

A lot of my questions were answered and I learned more in these classes than any other source.

By Bethany V

I have learned so much, I really wish I was able to do these classes before my son was born, he is 3 months old now and my goal is to breastfeed up to two years.

By Sheree A

You did great Shari, I learned a lot more than I expected to know

By Lindsay A

I learned patience….

By Honey S

Best class i found so far, explained more than the one i took in class at a local health department.

By Kimberly R

I really feel that a lot of my questions and concerns were answered.

By Amanda L

I loved every aspect of your class. I now have the confidence to start breastfeeding and know at least the basics and where to begin.

By Ashley E

There was a lot that I’ve learned from your class! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the instructional videos!

By Jenniffer F

Very informative and helpful. I wish I would have watched this in the beginning, thank you.

By Rebecca C

Personally I learned more than I’ve ever known. Being educated about breastfeeding is so important that it will definitely increase my commitment and later my confidence with breastfeeding. Not only will I be sure of myself but I know baby and I will be bonding and building our relationship from outside the womb . Thanks you so much , I’ll definitely will be going back to these classes just to refresh my memory!

By Samantha H

The simple and natural but most effective way to feed my baby from my breast with the least amount of problems, I loved watching this video

By Stephanie W

I learned that I can really do this! So many amazing tips and techniques. I’m thankful I’ll be able to refer back to these videos in the coming week(s) as I establish my breastfeeding relationship with my newborn. It answered so many of my questions and will be an excellent resource.

By Kathrine B

I learned a lot of very informative things, including why I stopped breast feeding with my 1st son at 3 1/2 months. I just want to say thanks so much!

 I can not wait to get started once my little one arrives.

By Danielle G

Thank you for the videos. They were very helpful. I was struggling to get the baby to latch on. He had no problems latching on in the beginning, but after my milk came in he began to have difficulties. I watched your video, used some of your techniques, and prayed a lot now he is successful in latching on again.

Thank you for your help

By Wendy G

I learned a lot of useful tips to successfully nurse my baby. I can’t wait til she’s born so I can begin!

By Rhia C

I was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to produce enough milk because of what others were telling me. But after watching these videos I feel more confident that I will be able to. Thank you!

By Kathryn H

I learned the benefits of breastfeeding, how to execute it properly, and am more confident that I can successfully do this focusing on my goal.

By Tracy E

It was all very informative and put in a way that was easy to understand. I learned a ton about correct positioning and latching techniques. I feel much more confident about breastfeeding now!

By Caitlyn B

I’m about to have my 3rd baby and I knew I would glean more by re-watching your wonderful course. Thank you!! Love this course.

By Brandi V

I’ve learned so much valuable information that I didn’t get when I had my first born. It opened my eyes about breastfeeding and the quality of just simply providing the important nutrients from mother to baby. I am so grateful about what I’ve received. It was my first time buying a breast pump and I cannot describe how great of a gift from Evenflo to have a breastfeeding class like yours.

Thank you guys so much!

By Shanit W

Very informative and I learned a lot of new stuff that I didn’t know before. Highly recommend! I feel VERY confident this time around, thanks to this informative online class!

By Susan N

I’m a new mom and I struggled at first. Omg, you have helped me so much with answers to my questions about breastfeeding. It was absolutely wonderful, a beautiful presentation, well spoken, and straight to the point, I loved it. My baby girl is 2 weeks old now and exclusively breastfeeding. I loved your advice,

By Kirsten S

I knew very little about breastfeeding (even after breastfeeding 2 kids)!

I completely enjoyed it!

By Jennifer S

The class is very helpful, I wanted to give up on breastfeeding but after viewing this class I am confident I can keep up with it now.

By Deanna S

A good foundation to breastfeed my newborn, I really loved the class. It really made a difference in our lives. We were desperate when we came across this online training. Now thanks to Shari together with some local assistance I am happily breastfeeding my son. Thank you so much Shari 🙂

By Anna L

I learned a lot and I am so glad I got to watch your class. With my first child I had no help to learn, but wanted to breastfeed my second child. I pumped and I just really wanted to breastfeed this one. I feel more confident now than ever. Thank you so much.

By Gabby M

I almost don’t know where to begin! I’m a family physician and I learned so much valuable information. First, just understanding that breastfeeding is the biological norm will completely change the way I view and counsel my patients on breastfeeding. The class was so thorough and I loved the troubleshooting as far as engorgement and what to expect with the first few weeks so that I’m not panicking. The visual aids really helped put things together. I greatly recommend this class to show my residents.

By Annika G

To keep at breastfeeding. It was motivating, the class was great!

By Mubiyna A

I had no clue that that I was feeding my baby enough in the first four days. The nurses scared me telling me I had to supplement because I wasn’t getting much milk out. Now I understand why and I hope to not make the same mistake with my second baby. Thank you for giving me the reassurance and confidence I needed!

By Nashly E

Everything I needed to know.

You answered all my questions that I had.

By Amy S

Thank you so much for what you do.

 Hospitals and new mothers need more of you.

 You’ve honestly changed mine and my baby’s life.

By Christine B

I was specifically interested in the “How do you know if they got enough?” section and found it very helpful.

By Erica G

What can I say….I got this late…When my nipples were bleeding and all. I haven’t and will not give up. I am treating my sore nipples and correcting positions that I should have done from the start. These videos have helped me learn a lot and correct everything I was doing wrong. Thank you sooooooo much for this information that was sooo helpful now I am treating my nipples but continue to breastfeed.

By Maria H

I learned many interesting and useful tips on what to and not to do. Thank you so much for making this online class available as it’s easier for me than having to go out to take a class. It’s just something I was able to do on my time. Not only that, but every time I would tell friends and family I am planning to breastfeed they did exactly what you said, tell me how hard it was and horror stories from their experience. Watching your class gave me the confidence many have chiseled away!

You made me excited to start this amazing bonding process!

By Mollie M

I learned sooo much from your class. I am on my 3rd pregnancy & completely failed at breastfeeding with my first two daughters. Now I feel more confident attempting it when my 3rd daughter arrives!

By Monica P

It was very open and inviting. I learned the proper way to breastfeed and to be confident about it.

By Selena V

I have learned a lot about breastfeeding and all the benefits for all the family. This class has been amazing it has encouraged me to pursue my goal of breastfeeding my new baby.

By Maria O

I’ve learnt to stay calm when my baby cries because I make enough milk for him

By Yohamy V

I am so grateful for this class!. I have learned and improved and feel more confident with my breastfeeding goal for my baby. Thank you so much!

By Elizabeth C

I learned so much about breastfeeding, didn’t know anything and this really helped me feel confident I can do this

By Jennifer O

I also learned that I am feeding my baby enough, I was always concerned.

By Hellenia I

I learned about all the essentials I need to be successful when the time comes for me to breastfeed my baby. I really appreciate the information I received on knowing if my baby has got enough to eat. I learned a lot about the first couple days for my newborn.

 I do not feel I will learn this much information at the hospital to this depth.

By Ruthie F

I’m happy i decided to watch your program, it was great.

 Thank you

By Jennifer R

Everything that I feel like I needed to know. All of my questions were answered.

By Angelina C

Everything a new mother needs to hear and know when wanting to breastfeed her newborn baby. Answered so many questions I had and made me feel more confident in breastfeeding my soon to be here newborn! Thank you!:)

By Jacqueline R

Better breastfeeding and establishing milk, especially the first few days. And how to properly latch baby and avoid sore nipples has been a great help!!!

By Lyra R

I learned A LOT. Thank you

By Majeedah M

I love the instruction on what to do if baby doesn’t want to nursing in the first few days. This happened with my first and it majorly stressed me out. Now I know how to handle it if it happens with number 2.

By Stephanie H

I learned a whole lot! I’m glad I signed up for this online class!

By Radeyah M

I was confused and didn’t feel like the hospital LC listened to my concerns when nursing my first son in the beginning. I feel more confident to take on the start of my breastfeeding journey with my second son due this summer.

By Kelsey H

This was the exact thing I just needed to know…You make me feel more confident.

By Narges A

The My breast friend pillow has been a latch saver for me, using a stool for feeding is great for position. I can make enough milk to feed my baby

By Christina M

Mostly about process and planning…I’m on my third child now, with some success with my first, and a botched time and ending The breastfeeding with my second, my new son, with whom I was very determined to have success with, has come to breastfeeding with ease. Knowing what not to do extremely helped me. I learned a lot of little tiny details that I know could make a big difference in our lives. Thank you very much!

By Jessica M

It was super easy and very informative. I feel much more comfortable about breastfeeding now, thank you!!

By Emily D

I really knew nothing on breastfeeding prior to watching these classes so,I learned a lot!

By Katelynn Z

I feel like you’ve put my mind at ease. Thank you so very much Shari! ❤️

By Amanda J

I learned so much, thank u so much, you are my go to girl!!!

By Priscilla E

I learned how much I didn’t know about breastfeeding that I thought I did know. Thank you for this video series of classes. They were perfect, natural, and matter-of-fact.

By Karie Z

I’ve learned more from this online class then I have from the lactation consultant that I have been seeing. Thank you!

By Monika S

I learned a lot of information I didn’t know about breastfeeding and the videos really encouraged me and reassured me that I could breastfeed my son.

By Angelia T

I am currently 5 months pregnant and want to deeply be able to breastfeed my baby when they are born, and this class helped me to see that I will be able to!

By Aleyna S

I wish I would have watched this sooner and that this would have been available with my first 2 children. I breastfed them for a year each, but struggled without resources for assistance. I feel more confident now that I have enough milk for my baby.

By Leila V

I loved the class. I learned so many things. It’s hard just to say one thing. This is my 3rd child  and I feel really confident about breastfeeding this time. I’ve used both breast milk and formula with both but with this one, I feel confident I’m gonna do just breastmilk

By Raquel R

To be honest this is the most enjoyable and educational learning series of videos I have come across, I love it!

By Shyann P

I feel more confident and dedicated to breastfeed. There was a lot of new and valuable information.

By Sara G

Totally loved all the practical information

By Bethany H

Everything I need to know I know now thanks to the videos.

By Brooke B